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Is your PC running slowly or vulnerable to malware or viruses? PCMRI will speed up your system and protect your computer from the latest threats. You will notice increased speed and benefit from top-notch security protection. PCMRI's tools are completely customizable and very user-friendly-you are free to tailor the application to your needs and timeframe.

Optimization software at its finest
With over 35 years' experience in the software sector, we know what works and what doesn't. We guarantee that our product will outperform all others.
Faster PC speeds are just a scan away
Stop wasting time waiting for boot ups and slow-loading web pages or applications. Speed up production, minimize downtime, and regain control.
Stop Malware in its track
Offering real-time monitoring and protection, PCMRI's Anti-Malware program ensures that your PC is always protected even in today's online environment.
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Service was great and everyone was helpful. My PC is running much better now that PCMRI is installed! By bsett57
June 26 2013
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My rep was very knowledgeable and got my PC working again. Thank you to everyone at PCMRI. By rmassa
June 26 2013
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